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Mrs. Kinney

"Geoff is a pleasure to work with. He always goes above and beyond for his people. He is just such a good person and it shows. He even came to the hospital when my daughter was sick. Geoff is the real deal! He knows what he's talking about and I recommended him to everybody."

Joe & Mary R.

"Geoff is a true advocate for his clients.  From inception through completion, he is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, attentive, kind, caring, takes initiative, and has excellent follow through.  He was a fierce advocate for my wife and me during our recent home purchase, ensuring we stayed informed on all phases of construction, design options, HOA requirements, and deadlines.  His outgoing personality and calm demeanor are great assets when helping clients in all phases of real estate transactions.  We highly recommend Geoff!"  

Kristin Y.

"Geoff and Jess are knowledgeable, thoughtful, and fun to be around! Highly recommend. You will have a great experience."

Kymm G.

"Geoff helped me with the purchase of my first home! And he was so informative and great to work with that I used him again to sell my first home as I was transferred out of state. If ever I was to return, I know who I'd call, Geoff Stell."

Giovanni G.

"Geoff was an amazing teammate during the search for our first home. Geoff provided valuable insight on not only the pluses/minuses of neighborhoods, but also the overall process of purchasing a home. Whenever my family needs a place to call home, Geoff and his team will serve as our agent."

Darren T.

"I only had a certain amount of time to find a place and Geoff made it happen. He is a solid guy and very knowledgeable about everything Real Estate related. I highly recommend Geoff!"