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About Us

Geoffrey H. Stell


Geoffrey H. Stell was born and raised in Richmond, VA and is the oldest of five children.  He attended the Real Estate and Construction Management program at the University of Denver.  

He is passionate about helping clients navigate the complex world of buying, selling, financing, and investing in residential real estate. His client-centered approach is based on always putting his client's needs first.  With his vast experience and ability to navigate complex transactions, Geoff gives his clients a competitive advantage related to their real estate dealings. 

Having been a part of hundreds of transactions since his first internship out of DU, Geoff has worked for several publicly traded builders, helped raise and manage a $4m residential fix & flip PPM, and has also done his fair share of wholesaling, etc.   

In August of 2018, after being disgusted by the horrendous treatment of buyers that his "big-builder" employer demanded, Geoff set out on his own and joined Keller Williams DTC and dedicated the remainder of his real estate career to helping buyers and sellers avoid being taken advantage of.    

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 PH: 720-234-3460 


Jessica Zinner-Stell


Jessica Zinner-Stell is the glue that holds The Stell Team together.  She was born in Montana and grew up in Wyoming.  She attended Montana State University-Billings where she received her BA in Mass Communications and later received her MS in Marriage & Family Therapy from Regis University in Denver.  After a few hectic years and having children, Jessica decided she wanted a change and wanted to work side by side with her husband.

Jessica has a talent for spotting successes before they become so.  She has a knack for design and enjoys finding those amazing pieces at affordable prices. Needing help styling, decorating or changing up some pieces (an old chair or wall decor/pics) but don't know where to begin? Maybe you just need to talk it through? Well, email or give Jessica a call where she can help you personalize your space accordingly. Jessica warms any room with her presence because she enjoys building lasting relationships.  She manages the most important aspects of each transaction and is an exceptional record keeper.  

If you have questions about affordability, credit, investing, legal matters,  zoning, off-market properties, or anything else Real Estate related, please consider making us your trusted advisor.  

We'll  make sure you feel confident, informed, and secure every step of the way.  

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